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Your Roof Installation

Because each roof provides different challenges, from the pitch of the roof and type of shingles to the drainage system, DMR Contracts Ltd provides an honest on-site inspection and true estimate of your roofing repair needs. We provide complete, fast support for the following areas of service:

1. Shingles

Shingles protect sloping rooftops from the effects of rain, snow and hail while providing an attractive crown for the house. Keeping a solid roofing layer of shingles is an important way to avoid water damage and leaks.

2. Roof Tiles

Your roof slates or tiles not only have to fulfil the role of forming a watertight layer, keeping your home dry, but also need to look good from the moment they’re installed — and for decades to come.
Choosing between slate, clay tile or even stone roofing could be dictated by the local planning authority who require it to be in keeping with local vernacular; they may even need to approve samples before giving the go ahead.

3. Profile & Finish

The surface finish is also important to the overall look. In the south, sandfaced tiles are generally more common; while smoothfaced feature in the Midlands and north. A sandfaced finish can lend to a rustic, aged look, but tends to weather faster; smoothfaced finishes encourage surface run-off more readily and provide a slippery surface which helps prevent mosses from growing.

4. Different Profiles

Different profiles are common throughout the country, with plain tiles most prevalent. S-shaped pantiles are often seen in the east and in Scotland too, while Roman tiles, which feature a double or single alternating roll and flat, are a common sight in the south west of England. It’s a good idea to either stick with plain tiles or a profile common to the vernacular

5. Natural Slate

Slate roofs dominate the vernacular of many a region for the simple fact that the UK was, and still is, fortunate in having a number of quarries producing some of – if not – the world’s finest slate. Indeed, Welsh slate and those such as Burlington from the Lake District are reputed for their excellent quality and centuries of longevity.

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